Our first client, BEISSBARTH Ltd.- automobile service equipment outfitter, benefited a 40% cost saving on tools, and parts supply purchase in Bulgaria. Today, the company BEISSBARTH (now a subsidiary of the FARCOM Group) is fully integrated in Bulgaria.
After the reunification, the Bulgarian equipment company BETA- as the first in this industry, was able to advance, with our help, in the development and production of civil products.
Meanwhile many west European companies successfully could take advantage of our services.
To ensure business success and an improvement in the quality of products, we started the supply distribution of production-relevant materials, tools, machines and new technologies.
This shapes our company and led to numerous of sales representations for Bulgaria.
After ten successful fiscal years, we decided to invest in the fast growing market in Bulgaria. Hofmann Bulgaria Ltd. was founded in 2002, and in 2003, after one year of construction activity, we inaugurated our 800 m² corporate building in one of the most advanced industrial area of Sofia.
In addition to our highly specialized workshop, the building also has a generous exhibition- and storage area for our diversified product spectrum.

Registred in Bulgaria
Business focus: Services, Imports
Business Categories: Equipment, Machinery and Systems
Bulgaria, Sofia city, Okolovrasten pat,  Dragalevtsi N66, post code 1415
Also 1 location in Sofia city